Living in the past glory


Living in past glory


Hello sir! Good noon.. I said as i entered the office of this gentleman.

He had been one of my ideals and i do admire him for his thinking process, Cool headedness, Ways of handling business and knowledge. Mr. Praful Mehta, Owns a business that spreads across 3 states and deals in heavy motor vehicles and machinery. The person who gave us our first business break in our struggling days.

I had heard that he had bagged the biggest order of his career and i decided to walk down to his office to congratulate him the very next day.

“Hi! How are you doing” … As usual calm and cheerful response i got as he offered me the seat.

“Congrats Sir”… I said as i sat looking around at the strange empty room that i was expecting to be filled with employees in a jubilant mood.

“Thanks!”, he replied with an inquiring eye…….”But what for?” He asked

“Sir I heard that you have bagged a huge order”  I replied with skepticism and hoping that i had the correct information.

“Oh… That? That’s history now”… he smiled.

The very moment I was in a strange pool of thoughts. I wondered how rapidly it became a history. The man has returned back to his normal routine. Denying to live in past glory… Even that recent a past.

In a flash many things and many thoughts filled my gray cells. Rapidly coming and going. I was thinking of my younger days when i was a brilliant student and till date i talk about it. I suddenly started thinking about every person i met and almost every one of them talked about their past. The Glorious or may be the glorified past.

I was a chess champion in my school days!, I was awarded the best student!, I once worked with so and so……. The list goes on.

At some point we just tend to forget the present and keep harping about our past and enjoying the appreciation forgetting that “What we are” is more important than “what we were”.

This reminds me to my old business partnership. The person was regarded as one of the best in the industry when we started working together. Yet with the time he started enjoying living in past glory and stopped learnings. Finally it proved fatal and he ended spoiling his entire career.

The examples are numerous but then how many of us really think what we are today rather than what we have achieved. Why dont we think to take one step ahead from where we were rather than sitting and watching the past.

I really don’t see any point in enjoying past glories without taking a single step ahead and once we take the step ahead we will have a better and more glorious present than our past.

Though it was simply a comment from him yet it changed my entire thinking process and the way I looked at life.

“Where are you lost????”…. The voice brought me back to senses.

He was looking at me with the same calmness as if nothing great has happened.

“Sir I guess I am running short of time” I said as I had started feeling the urge to do something new every moment……

I left my chair, Had a gratified look at him, Stood, Thanked him and started moving..

“Thanks? What for?” I heard the voice again…..

Well the gentleman didn’t even noticed what he has changed…



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